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Make a great first impression and maintain an impeccable reputation, online and offline.


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Reputation management

Portcullis Public Relations

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It's essential for all successful business people and valuable brands to be seen and heard well by their target audiences and other key influencers.

Through a bespoke programme of communications, marketing and publicity support, our PR team enhances your visibility and credibility, finding unique opportunities to showcase your expertise and ideas, products and services. We can also guide you through the process of recovering a good reputation quickly, if you’ve suffered a personal or commercial setback.

Having positive links with national, regional and trade media, our team can place you centre stage wherever you need to be, with your “good news” stories printed, blogged, streamed or broadcast in all the right places. We can also organise special events including press launches.

If you have ambitions to raise your profile and reach more people, get in touch